Contact SCNG

ID Cards: 803-299-2078

Retirement Section: 803-299-5312

Family Programs: 803-299-1750

Recruiting and Retention: 803-299-1600

Staff Judge Advocate: 803-299-4319

McCrady Training Center: 803-299-2347

McEntire Joint National Guard Base (Air National Guard): 803-647-8300

Military Records: 803-299-4108

Crisis Resources: 1-800-681-2558 or 803-299-2558

Public Affairs- 803-299-4327: CPT Jessica Donnelly, Director of Public Affairs - email

Military Burial Honors: 803-497-8364 or 803-360-2862

Armory Rental: 803-299-2031

Deers & ID Cards (Bluff Rd Armory): 803-299-2078

Chaplain: 803-299-4387

Inspector General: 803-299-4360

246th Army Band: 803-299-6620/1578


For web site issues, please contact our webmaster. For all other questions, please find an appropriate contact on our contact list.


For media queries, contact the Public Affairs Office at (803) 299-4327, CPT Jessica Donnelly, Director of Public Affairs.

For records, contact the Retirement section at (803) 299-5312 or email

For all other questions reference the contact information listed, or please dial 803.299.4200. You may also use the form below to contact us with any questions, clarifications or inquiries.