Veterans Day

Honoring Those Who Served

Educational Goals

Our template reflects on what we call the “Educational Value to the Student” of the Patriotism-An American Tradition program, as well as a “Call to Action.” We weave these “Value-Ad” aspects into each presentation as it helps to educate each student audience about why we as a country celebrate Veterans Day. It will also helps “Connect-the-Dots” on how each child can – like our veteran speakers — help make our nation stronger through the promotion of selfless acts of service. As an example, we ask the students to consider the following:

  • What is your calling?
  • Is it volunteering to help deliver meals to the old and infirm?
  • Is it mowing the lawn of someone who is disabled down the street?
  • Whether you feel a specific calling today or not — please remember to do your part — to selflessly serve others.

Each program is focused on providing a full understanding of the significance of Veterans Day by:

  • Teaching the history of Veterans Day.
  • Providing opportunities for students to make meaningful and purposeful connections between the history of Veterans Day and their own lives.
  • Providing students with a clear understanding of the significance of Veterans Day to all of America’s veterans.
  • Suggesting ways to honor the memory of those who selflessly served and extend involvement with the legacy of Veterans Day though acts of civic/community involvement and volunteerism throughout South Carolina.