Service Member & Family Care


If you have been sexually assaulted or know someone who has been sexually assaulted, are having suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, or are otherwise in crisis, view our Crisis Resources page for help.

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The intent of the Service Member and Family Care Directorate is to integrate and synergize the Soldier, Airman, and Family care systems, in order to optimize eciency, eectiveness, and easy access to care systems for our Guard and Family Members.

The purpose of the SMFC is to integrate the Service Member and Family care systems with the intent of optimized eciency in providing help and the reduction of “at risk” tendencies in the South Carolina National Guard. The scope of the SMFC encompasses all elements of the SC National Guard, Air and Army alike, as well as their Families. 803.299.4700


“History has shown that when you mobilize the National Guard you mobilize the nation. Our communities rally around our National Guard, our Service Members and our Families. “The National Guard is key to our national defense. The South Carolina National Guard’s number one resource is our personnel, our charge is to take care of our personnel and the SMFC’s mission is just that, ‘Service Member and Family Care.”

Employment Services

We use a broad network of resources and services to find jobs, training and employment opportunities for Service Members and their Family. We understand that Service Members and their Families have unique challenges that demand flexibility when it comes to career development. Frequent relocation and employment changes are common. We work with Service Members and their families to develop opportunities in occupations and industries that are growing or easily transferable to other geographic areas. 803.299.1520

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Family Programs

The family programs are to help those aected by an event that need crisis/grief support, ensure that any Soldier or family issues are referred to proper resources, provide non-medical, short-term, solution-focused counseling services to military individuals, help families who are in need of financial assistance, provide resources for education, relocation, parenting, stress, and facilitates training, readiness, and resilience programs for military youth. 803.299.1750

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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness focuses on helping the Guard family get and stay physically tough in areas ranging from weight loss to quitting tobacco products. The program can help with nutrition education, weight loss, developing & implementing an enduring, integrated & regionally-accessible health & wellness program that decreases high risk behaviors & promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

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Psychological Services

Psychological Services provides case management and coordinates mental health access for assessment, problem solving, behavioral health consultation and followup services. Our Psychological Health Coordinators are professionals who will provide an ear and their expertise. 803.299.4354

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Survivor Services

Survivor services are to help those with ones who lost loved ones. They connect you with the people who can help you cope with your loss, establish procedures and responsibilities for casualty management operations, and provide command and control, primary care, and case management for Warriors in transition to establish conditions for healing and promote the timely return to the force or transition to continue serving the nation as a veteran in their community. 803.299.1565

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Resilience, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention

The SCNG R3SP Campaign Plan will be implemented by the R3 Section immediately to become the core framework by which SCNG units and leaders should direct actions necessary to implement immediate but enduring solutions that will promote resilience amongst our Airmen, Soldiers and Family Members, develop and enhance leader skills to recognize and mitigate high stress and at-risk factors, and facilitate the longer term reduction in SCNG at-risk behaviors and suicidal actions. 803.299.4321

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SCNG Veteran Advisors provide immediate and responsive support throughout South Carolina to assist, refer, and advise Veterans and their Families on the processes to obtain eligible benefits and compensation and coordinate with regional partners to maximize local resources and minimize delays in services and benefits. Are you a veteran an have questions about…

  • VA Claims and/or Compensation
  • Employment Services
  • Education Benefits
  • Medical Issues or Documents
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Finance Issues and Advice
  • Family Services
  • Legal Services
  • Housing Assistance, VA Home Loans
  • Records: Separation, Medical, or Awards
  • Unit Leadership Assistance
  • ANY matters related to your Service