Service Member & Family Care

SCGuardFit Journal

The SCGuardFit Journal provides information on physical activity, proper nutrition and quality sleep to help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the SCGuardFit Journal provides proven APFT Preparation Plans, an MFT Weekly Discussion, an SCGuardFit WOD tracker and exercise substitutions.

APFT Preparation Plans

Provides several Physical Fitness Test preparation plans that are proven to maximize PT Test scores.

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MFT Weekly Discussion

A weekly post that pertains to areas of fitness that will motivate personnel to navigate their pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

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SCGuardFit WOD Tracker

A monthly calendar of upcoming SCGuardFit WODs that can be distributed to personnel to track their physical activity throughout the month.

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Exercise Substitutions

A list of common exercise substitutions that can be used in the event an individual is not able to perform a specified exercise in the SCGuardFit regimen.

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