Service Member & Family Care

Warrior Fitness Program

Office Location Bluff Road Armory
1225 Bluff Road Columbia SC 29201
Develop and implement an enduring, integrated and regionally-accessible coaching program intended to enhance Military Culture by decreasing high risk behaviors and promoting healthy lifestyle choices and routine physical activity in Service Members; while also benefiting Family Members and Retirees with the same paradigm.
To assist units and individual Service Members through fitness programming to attain and maintain fitness standards IAW FM 7-22 (PRT), AR 600-9 (AWCP), and AR 600-8-2 (SFPA).
Develop levels of unit and individual fitness and body composition standards that increase retention and resiliency through mitigating injuries and chronic illnesses, thereby increasing readiness of the SCNG assigned strength for the responsibility to execute missions, both local and abroad.
·         To train each member of the South Carolina National Guard as a valued member of a fighting Team.
·         To train and condition each member of the Team to discover and reach their physical potential.
·         To train each Team member to out-perform any adversary.

Scope of Warrior Fitness

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