Service Member & Family Care

Scope of Warrior Fitness

1.       Providing individual case management and coaching on physical conditioning and nutritional programming for both the removal of SFPA and/or those wanting to achieve a higher level of physical performance.  Each WF Performance Coach is aligned both regionally, which covers multiple units with multiple MSCs, and each Coach is also aligned with an MSC for a more concentrated effort with Unit Leadership.  This double alignment assists with the accuracy of a dual venue for reporting metrics, providing a check and balance of both regional work and MSC work.  WF Coaches provide APFT & AWCP flag tracking at the MSC and unit level, and give feedback to leadership on those SFPA enrolled and on individual compliancy and progress in their individual fitness programming.
2.       Holistic Health & Fitness (H2F), new FM 7-22. Warrior Fitness was consultant writer on aspects of fitting the H2F doctrine into the Compo 2 & 3.  US Army reviewing the Warrior Fitness and SMFC platform as model to be placed into doctrine as the Holistic Health & Fitness Teams nation-wide for Compo 2 & 3; to provide the holistic care necessary to give each Warrior the capability to train and conduct their mission for state and nation, but to give them the confidence that security needs are taken care of at home for their Family and livelihood.  To maintain a spectrum of services while Soldiers are not in an active deployment cycle.  
3.       Implementation of PT (Physical Training) Cells throughout the state, providing a day/time per week that a Warrior Fitness Coach is available outside office locations their region for consults, assessments.  Soldiers can conduct training at the location under the supervision of a certified strength and conditioning coach.  Current intent is to provide more accessibility to Performance Coaches for the M-Day SMs that live dispersed throughout the state.  Future intent is to provide Instruction and/or familiarization on the Army Combat Readiness Test (ACRT) protocols.
4.       Regional partnerships with Recruit Sustainment Programs (RSP) to aid Recruiting and Retention (R&R) in preparing new recruits for the Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) and develop conditioning programs to prepare for the APFT during BCT/AIT.  Training has resulted in expedited shipping to BCT and for the MOS desired.
5.       Community Outreach Program with Local and Regionally-Accredited Universities. 
a.       An Internship program; Universities providing Warrior Fitness Team with Undergraduate Seniors (Exercise Science Practicum), to learn Coaching techniques, motivation, individual fitness programming, and military philosophy concerning fitness, with intent to aid Warrior Fitness Coaches coach the 10,000+ SCNG Service Member population, plus Family Members and Veterans. 
b.      A Nutrition Counseling program; University providing nutrition consultations and guidance from Senior Level Undergraduates for SMs, Family members, and Veterans, with future follow-up sessions, all work supervised by a University Registered Dietician (RD).
6.       New Soldier Indoctrination, at the Battle Hand-Off ceremonies (monthly), auto-enroll into the Warrior Fitness Program to introduce proper training and nutritional guidance early in the Soldier Career process.  Only those that are consulted and actively programmed are entered into Case Management.
7.       Mobilized/Deployed Soldier Coaching.  Warrior Fitness partnered with SC Pre-Mobilization Training Assistance Element with scheduling to individually consult and assess during pre-deployment activities to prepare for remote fitness coaching for SCNG positioned CONUS and OCONUS.  Engaged in the SRP process.  Intent is to provide individual and unit METL supported physical training during available opportunities.